Saturday, May 19, 2012

We are proud parents...again!

Today our very first Monarch caterpillars of the season hatched.  It's official, we have two, first instar babies.  They are so cute and I am goo-goo and ga-ga-ing over them.

Although the girl is watching over the milkweed plants like a hawk and shoo-ing off every creature that comes by, she is still reprimanding me for saying "coochie-coos" over the babes.

But seriously, how can I resist? These are the first babies from the overwintering Monarchs that left Mexico about eight weeks ago.

I mean LQQK!

Just about 2mm in length


We did not register anywhere, nor did we plan a baby shower, nor are these going in the nursery.  We are trusting in the way God planned out nature to take care of these little ones so they can make their trip north to places like New York or Canada. We'll be taking care of their grand-babies come late Summer and early Fall.

I'm just so giddy.

Blessings for your day,

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  1. So exciting. Just how God planned it all from Eden. :). Grow, little babies, grow! :)


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