Friday, February 22, 2013


Over the past several weeks, I have encountered women who desperately need to hear these words: You are FORGIVEN.

So for the many more:

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Freedom - My lot in life

Life is full of comedy and tragedy.

Shall we cry, stomp our feet and mutter obscenities at every thorn, brier, and pebble in our shoe? I shall not. Yes, I do wince in pain when it comes. Yet I marvel and delight that I'm alive enough to feel it. I love and laugh and love some more and do not quibble over trivial things. Would I not rather have grace and forgiveness course my veins than bitterness and anger? Yes, I am cast off by others' boundries and selfish pride. But I'm empowered because I choose to be free of their judgmental glances and opinions of superiority. I walk where others see no light. I laugh where others see no joy. I dance where others hear no music. I live where others see no hope. I love where love has been forgotten. I forgive because I've been forgiven.

I am free not only because I've been set free but also because I've chosen to walk free.

Freedom is a choice. Freedom to weep and mourn a loss. Freedom to rejoice for new beginnings and opportunities. Freedom to laugh and dance. Freedom to love and forgive. This is my lot in life.

Are you holding someone prisoner by your unforgiveness? Will you not choose to set them free? Maybe you'll discover that prisoner is you.