Saturday, February 4, 2012

Just another day

Today was a day. It was an ordinary day. A day just like yesterday. A day just like tomorrow.

Every day is just that. A day.

It has 24 hours.

It has 1,440 minutes.

It has 86,400 seconds.

And once it counts down to the last's gone. Forever.

What make a day extraordinary or awesome or "the best"?  Is it because the day has magically or mysteriously become longer or shorter to suit your needs?  Is it because you tried out someone else's day? Is it because you relaxed and slept all day or was it because you ran a marathon and are exhausted?

Because after all, it's still just a day.

Today my day was filled with people remembering, people loving selflessly, people participating, cheering, praying, singing, laughing, hugs...lots of hugging.  I watched a couple who were visiting from Iceland jump into frigid waters at Lake Anne to help raise money for people they didn't know or would ever meet. I received a check from a woman in Illinois to go to the same cause. I watched people up and down the East coast release balloons in memory of a little boy gone too soon.  Another family on the other side of the globe remembered him too.

Today may have just been another day to many, but for me it was full. I stepped out of myself and into God's heart to love on others, to support them, to talk with them, to pray for them, to let them know they matter deeply not only to me but also to many others.

This is not to bring attention to myself. I am forever amazed at how I am the one blessed when I love on others even in the simplest act of being present to support someone during an event that took months to plan or releasing a balloon.

Me? Myself? I am the one blessed BEYOND measure simply because I looked outside of my selfish human nature? That is a miracle that can make ANY day an EXTRAORDINARY day.

And when the seconds count down and the day is gone forever, the moments my heart captured today will live on and remind me that there will be days I need to live outside of myself and step into God's heart to see the world through His eyes.


If you would like a glimpse of my day or would like to participate in any of it, feel free to scroll down and join in.

  • Birthday Balloon release:

Print out the tag and attach to a balloon celebrating Brody. Don't worry if his birthday passed. Do it anyway.  The family will appreciate it. However, if you decide not to or can't please visit his Virtual Memorial and sign the guestbook: 
Brody Teegan Rodriguez
Thank you.

  • Polar Plunge: Freezin' for a Reason to benefit Camp Sunshine

Camp Sunshine is an AMAZING organization. You can read more about it on the Plunge pledge page. Feel free to donate to today's jump and start planning to attend next year's.  Do a little digging around and you'll find wonderful people who do great work. One of my best friends heads up the fundraiser and her family volunteers at the camp every year:  
Freezin' for a Reason....brrrr!

Thank you.

Blessings for your day,