Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother...all forms

I have the blessed opportunity and because of grace have the greatest fortune to want to celebrate my mom.

Today, who is close to my heart?

My mom
All moms
Foster moms
Single moms
Moms to be
Moms who wanted to be
Moms who need a break
Moms who lost that precious child
Future moms with one more IVF treatment
Moms who adopted
Moms who lost that adoption
Moms who gave up their child for adoption
Moms who long to find her lost child
Moms who are watching their child die
Military moms who long to have leave to hold their child
Military moms who's husband will never hold their child
Moms who for the very first time regret their abortion
Moms who have passed
Moms who were never present


Moms and the men who love their moms, or miss their moms, or hate their moms.


It is such a beautiful and important day for so many to celebrate and a painful reminder for others.
After many years of introspection and healing, I can truly celebrate the woman who gave me life and tried the best she could. The list of things I hated and held together with bitterness has turned to ashes. I consider myself one of the lucky ones who found grace and forgiveness and a renewed sense of doing better with our children...because I know better.

This mother's day my wish is that we all do better. My wish is that we remember the woman who wanted to be a mom and never could BUT she is the best mom she can be to the animals she cares for in her home. My wish is that we remember the friend who has adopted and celebrate AND that we quietly remember the woman who gave her child to this family and prayerfully hope there has been wholeness and healing.

My wish is that we remember the elderly neighbor whose children no longer visit and simply check in with her.  My wish is that we remember the single mom whose children may be too young to know to make a card and maybe offer to take the children to the playground just so she can have some time to herself, maybe even nap or shower.

My wish is that we do better...because we know better.

Celebrate this Mother's day however you see fit. Love and grace are great gifts and each one of us can be a blessing to someone just by our mere presence.

Mom, I love you and thank you for loving me when I was the most unlovable.

Blessings for your day,

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