Friday, December 16, 2011

Preparing for Christmas - 12.16.2011

Ok, so now that we've caught up together there is no longer a need for a "version".  Yes, I like for things to be even and neat and organized but well, ya know. If I intend to keep it "perfect" then it will never get done.

I had a lot fun with today's question because it is a question I myself ask over and over again every year. As a matter of fact when I began to read the chapter I asked the question, "How did THEY know? What made THEM so different? How come no one else figured it out? Why were THEY part of the story?"

From David Jeremiah's book, Why the Nativity?

December 16 : Why the Wise Men?

He opens with,
"There is something magical and mysterious about the age-old picture. From across a continent, over the desert sand, beneath the silent stars trudges a curious caravan. In distant lands, these men have read signs and portents in the evening sky, sensing an incredible truth that few other living souls were to recognize for many years."
Like a child I impatiently stammered as I read these words and thought to myself, "Yes! I'm tracking with you  Dr. Jeremiah but please tell me more!"

But he never really seemed to answer it. Now this may sound a little disappointing but it's not. What David Jeremiah actually did was extremely creative and very thought provoking. He invited you to read the account in scripture and as you did he also invited you in to somewhat "read" your own heart.

You begin to notice you are asking more and even deeper questions. Interestingly enough, Dr. Jeremiah brings you through those questions and allows you (the reader) to begin to "see" the answers.

For me, it expands my view of a Being who continues to cover all the details for any person who questions the significance of each and every aspect surrounding the birth of Jesus, the Christ Child.

Who were these Wise Men? How did they know? Why was their visit recorded? What was so significant and how does it apply to me and my family? Why does it matter?

What I find is something I explored alongside David Jeremiah.
"...shepherds and sheikhs alike are invited to come -- rich and poor, neighbor and new-comer. The magi followed the heavens and their hearts. [They] followed the light of a star, and God accommodated the limited wisdom of their time and place. The visitors brought the gifts...that might be presented to any emperor. Yet the shepherds brought only their delight and praise."
And on returning to their homeland:
"The magi went home by another way; so do we. In the presence of Christ, all roads become new to us; ..."
May I cease struggling to be "perfect". It simply will never be on this earth.  Instead, may I continue in glorious wonderment at the perfect gift of a newborn king.

Get the book. Give it to yourself as a gift.

Why the Nativity? - David Jeremiah

Blessings for your day,

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