Thursday, December 15, 2011

Preparing for Christmas - Version 12.15.2011

Don't be afraid!

What a very appropriate statement for today's reading.  I'm only teasing because I've caught up to where I left off last year and now these posts will be new. So here goes nothing...being strong and courageous...attacking today's topic.  Ok, maybe not attacking but certainly diving in and enjoying it.

Without further delay, take my hand and 3...2...1...

I believe when we think of angels, we would tend to describe them as ethereal, mystical, magical, aloof, mysterious, beautiful, majestic, luminous, imaginary beings.  When in fact, the bible describes them as being very real.

And apparently scary...or at least to see them can be very frightening.

So why then place these celestial beings in the greatest story ever told?

From the book by David Jeremiah, Why the Nativity?

Question 15
"Why the Angels?"
After citing several occasions when angels have appeared and prefaced their messages of careful instruction with "Do not be afraid...", Dr. Jeremiah answers:
"Because we are not likely to ignore the advice of such spectacular guests."
He also continues to paint a picture of a God who is loving and full of surprises by taking you through verbal imagery of that night...the very night Jesus Christ was born.  God chose, of all people, society's least appreciated workers to view as he describes:
"No holiday fireworks could possibly measure up to this spectacle. And nothing could have been more unexpected....In this moment, when lowly shepherds were invited to the presence of God's Son, what other response could there be but joy and praise among the servants of God?"
Can you imagine what that must have been like?  We are told that every time an angel appeared, there first had to be a soothing of fear as was the case with the shepherds. Then they get a special invitation, yes the shepherds and ONLY the shepherds receive this "written, signed and sealed in gold" invitation to see the promised Messiah.


What must have those shepherds been thinking? Them?  You mean not even the temple priests?

Then to top that off, the angels break out in song and dance.


The angels had a job to do and they did it well.  Their accounts are written and recorded and we are encouraged to follow their lead.  David Jeremiah poses some interesting questions at the end of this short chapter.  If you have Why the Nativity? already, you know what they are.  If not, I strongly suggest you get it for yourself and read along.  In the meantime, look HERE to see how many times "angel" appears in scripture.

Read. Get curious. Seek answers. Maybe you too will break out in song and dance.

Don't be afraid!

Blessings for your day,

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