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Preparing for Christmas - 12.17.2011

The beautiful message of Christmas is that it is for everyone, even those and maybe even most especially those who don't believe in the Christ Child as the promised Messiah. This is in part why I love reading the book we are going through together. It's not just "a story" or a message. It is like a carefully laid out canvas and each question you are brought to adds a dimension of texture and color as if the painting is unfolding in front of your very eyes.

Today's chapter was a sumptuous mix of science and faith.  I love how research has been done to attempt to pinpoint the birth of Jesus by laying out different astrological events 2000 years ago.  Halley's Comet, the constellation Aries, Saturn and Jupiter are just a few possibilities.  My mind was lead through endless thoughts and theories as to how to answer the question posed. Then just as I began to wrap my heart around what the birth of that precious little baby boy would mean to the world, the author helps you draw a glorious conclusion.

From David Jeremiah's book, Why the Nativity?

Day 17: Why the Star of Bethlehem?
"We love the star of Bethlehem because it shines bright enough that people of other faiths and other lands might join us at the manger. It shone for Jews, Greeks, Romans, Arabians, and anyone else who might look to Bethlehem. It dominated the night sky, reminding us that our faith is great enough for the world to enjoy."
Even though I was fascinated by all the scientific possibilities, I realized one thing.  It really didn't matter what the event was. A star is just a star.

What seems to matter more is the mystery of the timing. There were astrologers from the East who read those gorgeous night skies, compared them to ancient writings of another people, and headed west. They had their science and by faith they traveled, believing they would find someone great enough to be King.

Somehow for me, I hope to recognize that the stars my family and I sleep under tonight are the very same stars you and your family sleep under.  In doing so, I also hope to remember that the brilliant star which made it's appearance over two thousand years ago was meant for not just you and me...but the whole entire world.

I hope your desire is to continue to watch this canvas unfold in front of your eyes.

Get the book.

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Why the Nativity?

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