Thursday, December 2, 2010

Preparing for Christmas

From the book Why the Nativity? by Dr David Jeremiah, I'm sharing with you as I continue to use it to prepare. Take this path with me...follow know you want to.

[whispers...] get the book


Day 2 - December 2nd

Today's devotional asks the question:
"Why did God become a man?"
He writes:
"All of this must happen if God and humanity were ever to be reconciled. So the Lord of the universe invaded this world.  He entered our world through a doorway called Bethlehem, and the world was changed forever."

Dr. Jeremiah prefaced this conclusion by attempting to paint a picture of the grandeur of a good God who is perfect and faithful.  I believe he accomplished it in his brief thoughts on those three and a half pages. This, devoted God of ours, is the one who stepped into flesh to experience the world from our perspective and show us a way...the way. He is the King who walked in order to restore and redeem.

As I said before, I can't share everything so here are his suggestions for further study.
  • How can people have a relationshp with the God of the universe?  Read these verses to see God's plan for you:
    • John 3:16
    • Rom 3:23
    • Rom 6:23
    • Rom 10:9, 13
It's not too late to get a copy of the book for yourself.  Here is a link for you through

    You'll enjoy it.

Blessings for your day,


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