Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Preparing for Christmas

I love preparing my heart for Christmas and helping our children experience the fullness of it as well.  It broadens our perspective and reminds us it's not all about the gifts we receive.  Christmas is truly about the enormity of love given to us as a gift through the vulnerability of the birth of a child -- a baby boy.

One way I prepare is by reading a Christmas devotional.

The book I am reading again this year through Christmas is a book by David Jeremiah called  Why the Nativity?  It's not a heavy bible study. Instead the book offers short and concise answers to many questions about why Christians celebrate Christmas.  Some critics of Dr. Jeremiah's work like to point out that this book doesn't dive deeper into the theology behind all of the "whys".  Personally, I don't think he needed to.  These questions and answers are written in such a way that it can be shared with anyone. 

A neighbor. A friend. Your children.

I love the simplicity of it and it's the perfect amount to read. One question a day.

So without further waiting...

Day 1- December 1st

Today's devotional asks the question:
"Why the prophecies?"
He writes:
"They show us that even as Jesus was fully a human being like us, he was also 'one whose origins are from the distant past.' By reading the prophecies we see the entire mountain range in a breathtaking glance; we behold a magnificent God who works his purposes out through the march of time, patiently but faithfully, down to the smallest detail. We know that this is a God who can be trusted, and this is a Messiah who fulfills every hope in our hearts."
Dr. Jeremiah does a beautiful job prefacing his conclusion by giving several examples of prophecies fulfilled and what it meant to those who could start to "connect the dots" and see them all pointing to the one Messiah. 

Of course I would love to share with you everything written, but I can't.  However, I can encourage you like David Jeremiah does by providing the additional reading he recommends for further study.  Feel free to look for yourself.

Is 9:7 together with Lk 1:32-33
Is 53:12 together with Mt 27:38
Zech 6:13 together with Heb 7:24-25

In case you're interested in getting a copy for yourself, I have provided a link where you can purchase through

   Get it. And enjoy preparing yourself for Christmas too.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this, Lisa! You remind me that my teenagers are not too old for their mom to have conversations that help them focus on Jesus during this busy season. BTW, I love reading the entire chapter of Isaiah 53 and pondering the multitude of detailed prophecies that Jesus fulfilled. Have a happy and peaceful day! ♥


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