Friday, December 3, 2010

Preparing for Christmas

As a young teen, I couldn't possibly imagine the actual simplicity of my life being thrust into a world where I would carry the burden of promised salvation...for the human race.  As a young woman preparing for my wedding, I couldn't imagine what type of news could shake me to the core and damage my chances in marrying the man I love.  As a mother, I couldn't imagine what it could possibly be like to watch my grown son suffer and be murdered for something he had absolutely no guilt in.

For some reason, Mary experienced these things.

From the book Why the Nativity? by David Jeremiah

Day 3 - December 3rd

Today's devotional asks the question:
"Why Mary?"
He writes:
"Mary herself must have wondered, why am I a 'favored woman'? Why me?  Indeed, the reasons she was chosen are known only to God. But it is clear that she was no random selection. Though an ordinary, small-town girl, she must be obedient and courageous, and she was. From her song (see Lk 1:46-55), we know that she was a woman of Scripture, a woman of faith.  She must be a virgin, that the glory of God might be miraculously demonstrated. She must be a peasant, in keeping with the humble nature of the Lord's birth.
Mary was all of these things.  ... Mary was favored by God for a task that would finally allow each of us to be favored."
After reading all Dr. Jeremiah had to say about Mary, it reinforced for me the power behind simplicity and obedience.

It has the power to bring heaven to earth.

For further study:
  • According to the following Scriptures, what qualifications did Mary have to be the mother of Jesus?
    • Luke 1:27
    • Luke 1:28, 30
    • Luke 1:38
    • Luke 1:47
I certainly hope I am peaking your interest enough to want to get Why the Nativity? However, it's not just this book, nor is it about any book.  I prayerfully hope your interest is to investigate what Christmas is all about and to start asking questions of your own. I am simply providing a suggestion for an easy tool to help you get started.

Get the book. Here's the link again.

   You just might use it every year.

Blessings for your day,

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  1. I have often thought these same things about Mary and this book sounds like a wonderful read! I look forward to more posts!!


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