Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Test this, test that...

I have been absent for the past few days because I have been spending my days treating my sore spots after being rear ended last week. I have been monitoring my symptoms closely and I've gone to the doctor AND physical therapy.

I believe I'm going to be fine. However that doesn't stop the testing and testing and testing and testing and... do this exercise and do this stretch and do that exercise and do a cold compress and do a warm compress...and do it every two hours. AND call this doctor and that doctor for more testing because "you may have some nerve damage"...etc, etc.

Oh goodness gracious.

Sooooo...I decided to do some testing of my own. And that testing would be over things that I enjoy. I took pictures for the blog via my phone. The reason I'm testing is because I have taken pictures previously and didn't like the way they looked in a blog post. I've used my phone camera directly, the blogger app camera, and the Instagram app.

Believe me. This post is more just for me so I can feel more comfortable to post pictures from my phone in the future.  I mean how could this "photographer" share snapshots that the reader can't even make out what it is?

Oh the humanity!!!

So for now, a test. Here are the pictures of our milkweed in full bloom. Goodness how I wish there was a smell-a-vision app because these smell AMAZING!

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