Friday, June 8, 2012

Dinner with Captain America

Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary.

My husband and I had planned a date night tonight. We were dropping off the kids at a "Parents Night Out" event at the nZone . We knew we had time to go to a local Kabob house (my favorite) and see a movie. Both of us were very excited and had planned to do something together as a family on our actual anniversary.

A celebration if you will.

Unfortunately, as life would have it, our son became very ill with a croupy cough and high fever. I knew it was serious when he refused to eat breakfast and told me how miserable he was. I mean, really? This boy of ours never misses a meal or snack time AND he's always up and ready to face the day. So I kept him home and skipped my physical therapy appointment...and cancelled our evening plans. Am I disappointed?  Of course I am but we'll plan again and it will be nice to be out with my hubby to celebrate us.

But for now in place of dinner out with my husband, we had pizza and wings outside while he was smoking meat on the grill/smoker. In place of a grown up movie with my man, I'm watching Captain America with our boy who is just as obsessed with Marvel comics as his mom.

I couldn't be happier.

Tonight is a reminder of what has transpired since Mark and I exchanged vows eleven years ago. I married my best friend and we now have a little family. I am so fortunate and we are extremely blessed. I can't think of a better way to celebrate an anniversary than to be reminded. There is no better gift for me.

Tomorrow Mark and I will enjoy dinner and a movie together but for now...
 Captain America waits! 


  1. Your ability to put a positive spin on a crappy situation inspires me. I really need to grow up in my attitudes sometimes. Thanks, bunny. You rock. :)

    1. Much of the desire to think on all things good and praiseworthy, has not only come from the biblical perspective, but also being encouraged by YOU...bunny :)


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