Saturday, April 14, 2012


Some of you already know why I am absent...again. And since I have more readers than just the loyal followers, I thought it might be best to inform all why I am silent.


Two weeks ago I fell and broke my tail bone.


Sitting for any extended period of time is simply too painful, so I find myself laying on my side and watching hours of mindless television. Not very inspiring, huh?


I'm going to change the things about my day that make me sad and catch up on some reading instead of laying down and feeling sorry for myself. And now since I've sat here long enough to let you know why I've been missing, again, my butt hurts.

Go ahead. I give you permission to laugh


Blessings for your day,


  1. Still praying for your butt my friend and you're the first person I can honestly say that about:)

  2. Broken tailbones are SO painful. Praying for complete and quick healing. Don't worry about us. We'll still be here when you are feeling better. :)


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