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Preparing for Christmas - 12.19.2011

One of the more intriguing visuals, and maybe even the most difficult to imagine, is when the Wise Men visited Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  Can you imagine what the journal entry would have read like if Mary kept one as she counted each of Jesus' days?
"Day 672 - What an incredible day! Joseph was outside finishing a promised troth for a neighbor and I was inside cleaning up while Jesus was taking a nap. All of a sudden we could hear the entire neighborhood erupt in commotion because off in the distance could be seen a MASSIVE caravan.  Perhaps they were lost or passing through? Ummmm...nope. They were coming to see Jesus. JESUS?! HOW did they even know?  I thought perhaps Gabriel had paid them a visit too or maybe it was time like Hannah's son?  Wrong on both.
They were astrologers from the Orient and do not know our God, yet they arrived to worship. I've never seen such rich and luxurious clothing!  They brought gifts, knelt down as I held our little boy, and opened each one. Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. With each gift I became more frightened and confused. How can all this be? What now?  For now I am simply writing these thoughts down and will carry them in my heart. Joseph tells me Jesus is in great danger and since it is without question where these men came to visit, we must flee tonight. Immediately. I hope to write again soon. Praise the gracious God who always provides. These gifts, especially the gold will help us on the journey and get us settled in Egypt."
Although I can have fun and imagine what Mary's journal entry may have been, it's still difficult to wrap my mind around.  The closest thought I could come to was what my own would look like in today's present age.
"10.06.2007 - Matthew is getting so big! He turned two just last week. Unbelievable where the time goes. Now get this -- today while he napped, I started to fold some laundry. All of a sudden I could hear sirens, and more sirens, and they got louder and louder. I looked outside scared out of my mind and saw a large caravan of limousines and secret service pull in front of the house. Did we win Publisher Clearinghouse? A publicity shot for the President? Ummm...nope. Out of the limousine that carried a flag from Saudi Arabia, emerged a delegation of princes. Woah.  
At this point I had our son firmly in my grasp and the men came to our door and introduced themselves. From what they had been studying and been told, our son is the next great leader of the world and they brought gifts. WHAT?! I knew I had entered Matthew's picture in a good looking baby contest and was told he was adorable and had great potential for the boy's version of  Toddlers and Tiaras, but this?!!  They laid out their unbelievably expensive gifts (some of which were a little creepy) and wished me farewell.  Unfortunately the news media got wind of it and so did some shady lawyers and the IRS, so now we have to leave. But still. Wow. Gotta run. I'll write again soon. Going some place warm for a while."
I know that sounds a little far fetched, but honestly that could be close to what it may have been like. These Wise Men and these gifts. Really?

From David Jeremiah's book, Why the Nativity?

Day 19: Why Did the Wise Men Bring Gifts?

I've written for you what danced around in my mind while I read this chapter and I attempted to put it into perspective for me...for the United a Christian woman. Yet, the question remains and you find a little nugget of wisdom in the middle of today's chapter:
"The fact that they were non-Jews and even foreigners suggested that the Child was more than a Jewish Messiah. As Gabriel said, he is the Son of God; therefore he belongs to the world, as the world belongs to him.
The object of their entire rigorous quest was one of worship, and worship of a God probably not their own. This Child was for everyone, and the gifts would reflect both the givers and the recipient."
I'm sure you can do a google search of the gifts and their significance. However, the way Dr. Jeremiah takes you through the understanding was quite unique and certainly opened my mind to visualize all the glorious fanfare of that extravagant caravan.  It would do you good to read it for yourself.

For myself, as the chapter drew to it's conclusion I began to see more than just the gifts of the Magi. I saw another gift and found it to be more precious than the gold, frankincense or myrrh given to a humble little family so many years ago.

A gift for you perhaps?
Why the Nativity?

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