Saturday, December 11, 2010

Preparing for Christmas

Since I didn't have the energy to form coherent thoughts yesterday, I imagined myself sitting in a room (in my jammies) and reading from Dr. Jeremiah's book Why the Nativity? to all of you...just so you wouldn't miss out on hearing his thoughts and getting your own questions going about Christmas. I know that wasn't possible but I have looked forward to every reading...and post.

I'm so glad to be back sharing with you!

But since we have two questions to reflect on today, I have to make this brief.

So get your thinking hats on! I'm praying your hearts warm up to the thoughts God gives you about your preparation for Christmas.

Without further waiting, from the book by David Jeremiah Why the Nativity?

Day 10 - December 10th
"Why the stable?"
He writes:
"Christ chose a stable in order to identify with the least of us, with the poor and the vulnerable. He demanded none of the world's comforts nor protections. Jesus came exposed, from the first moment, to all the dangers the world could offer, and so he remained until they led him to the cross."

My thoughts before having read Dr. Jeremiah's conclusion:

When reading the words in any passage of the Bible, there is no more powerful moment than when those words seem to leap off a page and are meant just for you. You may have read over those very words dozens of times BUT this time it finally made sense. They find a place in your heart and you seal it away as your hidden treasure.  I love that.

That's the power of something that is active and alive.

I also love reading the words by those who love my Jesus.  Their words open up my thought processes and paint pictures in my mind and if done right, I can be transported right into the historical time period itself.  That is what happened to me while reading Dr. Jeremiah's thoughts in this chapter.  But as I was reading, I thought to myself, "Didn't I read this last year?  How could I have forgotten?"

And that is what happens to us during our busyness. We forget.

There is no other time of year when so many Christians are busier, than Christmastime itself.  How ironic that the event we celebrate as Christians is the event we can so easily overlook and forget because of our busyness?

Grab your bible and read those passages in the Gospel of Luke.  The words are active and alive. Let them grab a hold of your heart. Ask your questions. Get answers. This year make Christmas a time of remembering and celebration.

Don't understand scripture?  Find someone who loves the Lord and have them breathe the words for you.  Get the book Why the Nativity? and let David Jeremiah guide you in his simplistic yet beautiful approach.

If you attend my church, New Life Christian Church, find me. Let's talk.

    I'm so happy to be sharing this with you!

Blessings for your day,

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