Friday, August 6, 2010

In step

Yesterday I mentioned that I recently saw someone and I told you I would return to tell you.  Do you remember the Cookie Cutter Words series I wrote about a "nine little words" encounter?  Well, as you can only imagine...just at the same time I was discovering my two left feet in these recent stories...I see her again.

I was so overjoyed in seeing her that I purposefully asked her how she's been doing.  Now, because she has been attending our church off and on I've kept her identity a secret and will continue to do so.  But I must tell you that she is not doing well.

She may be overwhelmed with work or that may be her choice. She may be having health issues and cannot go to the doctor because of financial reasons or she may be making excuses.  She may be telling stories or she may be holding back the truth out of fear of rejection.  Regardless, I do not judge her nor condemn her.

The truth is I don't know what burdens her heart but I know my Father, your Father, her Father does.  So as I said yesterday, "...I will tell you who I've recently seen, so we can pray...and then dance. Together."

If you wouldn't mind so much, would you? Could you? Join me? Be in step with me? Pray for her. Together? 


You know that was the darkest day before our glorious redemption.

It was a Saturday when everyone awoke and hoped the nightmare of our crucified Lord was just that...a nightmare.  Then the sun set and the darkness of the night matched the darkness of their mourning hearts.

And then Sunday.

Sunday the grave couldn't hold Him.

And the nightmare ended. Our redemption realized.  Blood poured out was not the final note.

Come along. I ask you to be in step with me this Saturday, tomorrow.  I prayerfully hope the tugging on her heart is from the collection of prayers from rightous women longing for another to wake and see the sun rise on a Sunday morning and the deepest part of her soul...that all that weighs her down does not get the final say.

Would you? Could you? Join me? Be in step with me? Pray for her?

Blessings for your day...blessings for hers,

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  1. Praying for her right now and each time the Lord prompts me. I'm standing on faith that even if I don't meet her this side of Heaven that we will know each other when we BOTH get there. By name. By face. Through prayer. (Of course, Lisa whom I've not met face to face, we will know each other there, too!)


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