Friday, December 23, 2011

Preparing for Christmas - 12.23.2011

There is so much I could personally say about today's chapter from this power packed little book we are going through. As a matter of fact, it's really not the book that has me overwhelmed and overjoyed. It's how the deep corners of my heart are being filled with the blessing being poured out during this season.

It's something completely intangible.

It's something both skeptics and believers alike have difficulty understanding.

It's something so beyond my comprehension and my desire to be logical that it makes my brain hurt.

And yet, I can "feel" it.


The unexplainable, inexplicable, unbelievable, what cannot be seen or heard.


Or just maybe...Who?

I try to wrap my mind around the danger in asking the question and I'm simply blown away at how desperately my heart wants to hear the answers...again, and again, and again.

From David Jeremiah's book, Why the Nativity?

December 23: Why Did Jesus Come?

This is probably the longest chapter his book. Not because it is filled with convincing arguments or a well rehearsed speech that is carefully typed out for the reader to follow and understand "it". Dr. Jeremiah lays out verses of scripture and then describes ideas and thoughts and examples everyone of us can understand. He goes over them as if reciting the chef's specials at a five star restaurant. You can almost envision on the plate in front of you what your ears are hearing and you just KNOW it's going to be amazing...every single bite.

However, you still have to choose to be present and sit and listen.
"The news is so good, so outrageously wonderful, that the world finds it difficult to believe."
I'm not going to lay out what David Jeremiah wrote in his book. It's like the choosing and the tasting in the world's finest restaurant. I can tell you all I want at how good it is but until you sit down for yourself and savor it, you will never know how outrageously wonderful "it" is.

Get the book. Read and get curious. Ask the questions. Ask your own questions.  Sit and chew on every morsel of discovery.

Don't delay. Your table awaits.
Why the Nativity?

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