Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Preparing for Christmas - 12.21.2011

The simplicity of today's chapter brought me to a Starbucks...with a Latte.  No matter how much I fought them back, the tears flowed and a red face was all you could see.  I wonder what people must have thought.

It was not pretty.

Honestly, like I've said before, reading this book alongside the accounts in scripture have brought the events surrounding the birth of Christ alive.  I read a portion of the chapter and then go to my bible, then back to my book, then the bible, then book, bible, book...[sigh]


I was overwhelmed at the joy.

From David Jeremiah's book, Why the Nativity?

Question #21 - Why Do Anna and Simeon Challenge Us?
"The joyful message comes through channels no one expected -- not through the priests or crowded favorites but through two old, forgotten relics of good old-time religion.
It comes to them simply because they have been faithful. And one message resonates through this Nativity story that is filled with messages -- the moral being that God rewards the faithful. The Christ child is a gift to all, to those in the past as well as the future. But those who know him will tell you that some of the greatest joys of all are imparted to the wise, faithful servants that the rest of us overlook."

That word really got me. Overlook. Meaning ignore or excuse. 

I sat at that Starbucks looking like a fool with my red face, runny nose and tears streaming. Although I tried to conceal it, I was overwhelmed at the joy I was feeling for Anna and Simeon. I couldn't stop.  The people around me may have chosen to overlook, ignore or excuse my behavior.  But what if one of them had come to me and asked what I was reading or what was going on?

What if people around Anna and Simeon had done the same in the Temple court? How many chose to overlook, ignore or excuse their behavior? Can you imagine?

Who am I overlooking, ignoring or excusing?

Get this book. Feel your heart and mind prepare.
Why the Nativity?

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