Monday, December 20, 2010

Preparing for Christmas

(Forgive me. Battling sickness is not fun...but I'm back and pushing through! And I'm changing the format slightly.)

How many times have we read it in an encouraging note, or a bumper sticker on a car?
"...with God all things are possible" (Mt 19:26)

But how many times have I really stopped to think about it and really reflect?  I always hear it. I know it. But have I ever really believed it? 

Have you?

What a perfect time of year to do a little digging into the biblical statement "with God all things are possible" that was spoken by Jesus himself, than while preparing for Christmas!

From the book by David Jeremiah, Why the Nativity?

Question 12
"Why was Jesus born of a virgin?"
He writes (and quotes Oswald Chambers...enough said!)
"The answer centers on the identity and mission of Jesus Christ. Even though Jesus lived among us as a fully human individual, he was also fully divine -- a pre-existing, eternal person.  Human parents are temporal and finite and they can pass on only limiting characteristics. 'He existed in the beginning with God' (John 1:2). He has always existed, and he always will. Therefore, as Oswald Chambers has pointed out, Jesus was born into this world, not from it. He is in no way a product of the natural earth or the union of a human father and mother. Instead, he is the eternal person of the Lord himself, the infinite one who created the universe, taking on the limited form of a human being."

I quoted David Jeremiah's words from the beginning parts of this chapter because as I read his thoughts and observations that followed, I felt like I was watching a rose bloom into its glorious created beauty.

Try to describe a rose to someone who has never seen one.  It's nearly impossible.  You can come close but until that person has actually come face to face with what you are trying to describe, they will not get it.

A similar thing happened to me while reading Dr Jeremiah's insightful answers to question #12 from Why the Nativity?  I've always known about the Virgin Birth. I've always known that Jesus was fully God and fully man. I've always known with God all things are possible.

But I think I missed fully understanding, because I've somehow lost my child-like wonder and overlooked a significant detail.

A Virgin Birth was necessary but impossible with man. But with God all things are possible.

All things.

Not just some things...but all things.

What is more mysterious than the miracle of life? We've already read about the miraclulous babies of older parents who were past child bearing age. But this baby had the absolute need for a Virgin Birth because Jesus was not a new creation.  With our finite human minds, we cannot comprehend how this is possible. It's completely impossible.

But God tells us that with Him...all things are possible.

I believe our Creator is constantly trying to tell us He is faithful and can be trusted. He proves Himself over and over again in words poured out in the pages of Scripture. We simply have to look, do a little digging, open our hearts...and believe.

In your life and in mine...all things are possible. All.

Per David Jeremiah's suggestion in the book Why the Nativity?:
For further study: Read Colossians 1:15-17 and Hebrews 1:1-3.  How do these passages support the necessity of the Virgin Birth?

Next, "Why did Jesus come as a baby?"

   Get this book for yourself or someone you love.

Blessings for your day,

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