Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Preparing for Christmas

Have you ever wondered if God really listens to prayers?  Have you kept yourself from making small requests because you thought it wouldn't matter?  Have you then not said the big mountain moving prayers because you thought it would be too much to ask for?

What if you do have the faith and aren't afraid to ask, but you've been asking for years and there is still no answer? 

From the book by David Jeremiah, Why the Nativity?

Day 7 - December 7th
"Why Elizabeth and Zechariah's miracle baby?"
He writes:
"The faithless priest and his wife show us that God is listening to our prayers, he is faithful to his Word, and he is preparing the way for something more wonderful than we can imagine. And he rewards even feeble faith."

I am a woman of faith and prayer but what I find even more astounding in Dr. Jeremiah's words which prefaced his conclusion, was the little gem I discovered for myself. (Stick with me for a second.) It wasn't that Mary said "yes" to the message from the angel Gabriel and then Elizabeth became pregnant too.  Elizabeth was at least six months along in her pregnancy when her cousin Mary, with immense faith, said "yes" to doing God's will.

The strong faith of one brought the biggest blessing to another.

You see, God is always at work and He is not trapped by time.  Very often He is already ahead of us when preparing the answer to a prayer.  He is not hindered, perplexed nor confused by our thoughts or decisions or lack of faith.  He knows our hearts.  And in the case of Elizabeth, God knew Mary's heart and He chose to make a profound statement by not waiting until He received an audible human response.  Elizabeth and Zechariah were gifted a child to fulfill the prophecies Zechariah knew well because Mary's faithful response would come...in its time.

There are prayers I have prayed that when they are answered, I am often amazed at how I see it unfold before my eyes.  I am so grateful for this reminder in today's devotional that God is always listening and He does care very much for us.  I've been encouraged to pray with fierce faith for myself and others.

You never know when your faith can bring the biggest blessing to another.

Please get the book Why the Nativity?  I can't share all of David Jeremiah's thoughts and today's was especially powerful for me as a woman who ministers to other women.  As you will see in the following days, this book could also be read in preparation for Easter.

     Get it. Read it. Ask your own questions.

Blessings for your day,

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  1. Lisa, I hope you know just how much of a blessing your faith brought to me this week. Thanks for your faithfulness.


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