Saturday, August 28, 2010

My heart

Today has been a terrible day.

So I decided to sit down for a moment and catch my breath while looking at some recent photographs I've taken.  I breath in what I see and it pulses through my veins because I remember those moments captured.

I know God uses it.

I see this snapshot and I feel my heart beating outside of my body. I see them, our children, and I smile.  There is an enormity of love I feel for these two and I find great joy in watching them explore the world around them...even if it appears scary to them at times. I know they will be fine.

I smile again.

As I get myself ready to go to bed and reflect on the day, I will imagine that God has scrolled through the snapshots of me going about my day today...and smiled. It's the kind of smile that comes from a love that only a parent can have for their child.

It's so good to feel that kind of love.

Blessings for your day,

Children holding hands photo by Lisa Arnold taken with Canon PowerShot SX120 IS - Digital camera - compact - 10.0 Mpix - optical zoom: 10 x - supported memory: MMC, SD, SDHC, MMCplus - black


  1. It's all about perspective, isn't it? I wonder if God sometimes allows the bad days so we can better see His Glory? I don't know, just a guess. I love the picture of the kids...I see so much of their personalities coming through. I can almost hear their conversation...and I can certainly see the love between them.

  2. Precious. The words and the photo. Thanks for sharing your heart with us. :)

  3. My oldest son has a tendency to defeatist thinking (which he got from his mother). Every night after he prays he tells us 5 good things about the day. I try to do the same although I'm not as diligent with myself as with him. It has definitely helped us both! So glad God is using the gifts He gave you to lead you back to Him on bad days. :)

  4. Your little ones are precious and so very huggable. Quite the commodity for someone who's babies are long, lanky, and struggling for independence. Hug them once for me? Love ya, Lisa Jones


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