Friday, June 4, 2010

I Am a Warrior...(Princess)!

I've been MIA.

Oh if you only knew what I have been battling the whole month of May. It started right before my birthday at the beginning of the month and continued on through almost the end. Trust me when I tell you I wasn't my normal self. I felt like everything I did was pointless.

So no, I haven't given you the update from when I last left you.  As it turns out, would you believe me when I say the story you've been waiting so patiently for has perfect timing in my life?

Yes? Good.

I promise. It's the very next post.  I just wanted to drop in and let you know that I've finally logged back in and I've missed you. I've missed this. I'm back!

So why the "Warrior...(Princess)" title?  Ready to have a little fun...a teeny, weeny bit of fun?  Ok, good.

After almost a month of asking God to help me out of my slump, I felt Him place a verse on my heart.  All of a sudden, I stood tall in my house and said to myself, "You are like Gideon Lisa! You are a strong and mighty warrior!"  (Judges 6:12)  YES! Yes I am! I believed it and proceeded to get ready for my ESOL class where I volunteer teach.  My spirit began to lift but when I arrived I had no students and instead of feeling down, I grabbed the make-up bag I had thrown in my purse at the last minute and headed to the ladies room.

(For those who don't know me, I generally don't wear make-up.)

The music in that hotel restroom was perfect (go figure).  I began to apply my makeup and continued to repeat to myself -- Truth. Over and over I told myself that I am a "mighty warrior" and the only victory the enemy,  the thief, the destroyer of my joy, could ever have is what I allow him to have.  Once I was done applying my make up, I looked at myself and claimed "MIGHTY WARRIOR!" again.  But this time I couldn't help but to laugh out loud...just like this very moment.

I laughed and I smiled and I kept looking at myself. Oh how I thank God nobody walked in! Seriously, I believe He knew I needed that time to myself and kept those doors shut because not one woman walked in the entire time. Now you know that is a miracle in itself!

So there I was, proclaiming myself a warrior looking fabulous! (No shame here.) That is when I looked at the entire package presented in the mirror.  My hair was just right. The color combination I was wearing was beautiful and I had done a fantastic job with my makeup. I was pretty and I was claiming it!

"I am a WARRIOR...Princess!"

Yes, I am! And so are you my fair ladies. Wear your flip flops and hair in a pony tail. Throw on some sweats and a stained T-shirt. Bake a cake. Embarrass your teen. Burn dinner. Go for a walk. Take pictures. Read to your children. Get dirty in the garden. Turn on your power tools. Nurse your baby. Drive the bus. Knit. Sew. Go to soccer games. Eat the cookie. Love your curves. Empty nester, find a young woman to mentor. Sing out of tune. Take a nap. Volunteer. Respect your man. Smile at everyone. Whatever it is that you do -- Love, laugh, live!

You have permission to put on your makeup and wear pink. Carry the matching bag with your absolutely adorable shoes and claim it! You are a WARRIOR PRINCESS and victory is yours in all you do with our King in mind.

And for the few men who read this blog, I love that you are strong and mighty warriors too.

Remember always, when things look bleak and there couldn't possibly be any life coming from anything you do, the Lord is with you. He can make you victorious.

Just look at this:

How awesome is that!?!!

Blessing for your day,


  1. Ohhh how I have missed you!!! Welcome back MIGHTY WARRIOR PRINCESS!!! :) Thanks for this post....I needed it.

  2. You have no idea how much I needed this today...coincidentally (not), this is the second post I've read today referencing Judges and Gideon. I love you, sweet Lisa.

  3. Very inspiring Lisa. I can see standing in that ladies room all happy with yourself.
    Great reminder that we are ALL beautiful, loved and gifted!

  4. Lisa, I am so glad you are back! Cant wait for more.

    And that photo means a million different things to me, I love it.


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