Thursday, June 10, 2010

Enjoy this day!

It's been a good day. As a matter of fact, it's been a great day. I continue on with the "warrior princess" mentality and am finding much joy in everything I do...yes, even the mundane. I feel alive and loved and like I can accomplish anything.  I am singing and praising out loud. (So if you hear a strange sound as if someone is putting a cat through a meat grinder...that's me singing.)

I feel like I am seeing God at every turn and I just want to hug the Jesus love right into every gloomy face I see. Am I high you ask? Why yes I am!  It's all because of...well, feeling like I've been invited to feast in a banquet where the guest of honor is THE BIGGEST ROCK STAR EVER!

I wrote out the following a year ago but I did not have the nerve to share it.  I just find it so appropriate for what I recently went through.

Read on warrior princesses. Enjoy this day!


Princess in love with her King
Wants to delight in the banquet
Wants to hear the sound of His voice
Longs for Him to gaze into her eyes

He had sent invitations long ago
Time and time again
He always included her
But she couldn’t be bothered, she didn’t care

This time so different from before
She had caught a glimpse of His gaze
And now can’t turn away
A love so pure, so full of joy

She’s frantic to go to Him
What holds her back?
Those jealous and angry
Keep her busy and distracted

Will she get to see her King today?
Unseen sword pierces her at word “No”
If only she could leave
Instead of being trapped

The angry taskmaster checks his list
"You haven’t done this or that"
"You haven't a thing to wear"
"You’re not worthy to see the King"

Just as her hope was shattered
The servants announce a visitor
It was her precious King
Gazing at her softly with the gentlest smile

“My darling” He said
I felt the sword pierce me too
And decided to come looking for you
To remove the task master’s burdens

And so you would not despair
I brought you something to wear
I bought it with all I have
And I've washed it white as snow

Come my darling sweet
There’s nothing you need to do
Enjoy this day I give
I’ve made it just for you


Yes, He has. Feel His joy. Spread the love. Ask someone, " How can I ask God to bless you today."   They just may have been waiting for your invitation.


  1. I told you something big is fixin to happen! I'm so glad you shared your is one of my favorites. :)

  2. So needed to hear this this week. Thank you, thank you, thank you. :)

  3. WOW.....I love your poem! BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for deciding to share it with us. Love ya!!!


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