Thursday, March 18, 2010

Silent Treatment?

I've had family with me all week and getting quiet time to sit and write has been virtually impossible.  However, family is here because of family and nothing could be sweeter.

Well, except maybe these...

Family to celebrate birthdays are the best distraction.  Forgive me for the silent treatment. I've been a little busy and thank the good Lord for that!


  1. YUM! Those look delish and it does look like you've been really busy. But for good reason! ;)

  2. Have I told you that every time I see pictures of your baked yummies, I EAT!! ?

  3. Ahhhh, there you are! I knew there must me a good reason for you to stay gone for so long. Happy birthday to your beautiful little girl!! :) Enjoy your family and get back here as soon as you can! Love ya!!

  4. and they tasted as ymmy as they looked:D


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